Team Profile Page

Kevin Mathew

Team Captain

Kevin is a senior at The Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering. Two years ago, he served as a mentor for the eBorg F LL team and loved the experience. He loves to do hands on building, critical thinking for designs, as well as programming. In the future, he hopes to pursue Computer Science and Engineering. He is the team leader and his role is building, programming, and ensuring that the team is functioning together effectively. Other than robotics, he participates in math and coding competitions, and loves playing basketball.

Neil Mathew

Borg the Builder

Neil is currently a freshman at The Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering in Parsippany. Last year, he was a member of the FTC robotics team, eBorg Robotics, and greatly enjoyed it. He has deep passion for building, as well as problem solving. Neil contributes to the team by  He is optimistic about the upcoming season and is excited to apply his skills. Outside of robotics, he enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes and playing soccer.

Arnav Khanna

CAD and Graphic Designer

Arnav is a freshman at Parsippany Hills School. Last season, he participated in FTC on the eBorg Robotics robotics team. In addition to robotics he enjoys MMA, swimming and basketball. He also enjoys reading about Science, Mathematics and Social Studies. This is his second year participating in FTC and he hopes to learn a lot of new things throughout this season. On the team his main roles are CAD designing and looking for/interacting with sponsors.

Tesia Thomas

Marketing Manager

Tesia is a freshman at Lawrenceville High School. Other than robotics, her interests include dancing and reading. With this, she works hard in school everyday to keep her grades the best they can be. In the field of engineering, she loves coming up with creative designs for all sorts of problems. This is her second year participating in the FTC competition and her hopes are to grow with her teammates. In her team, Tesia's job is to create promotional materials and help with fundraising.

Anish Chidella

Amazement Officer

Anish is currently a 8th grader at Central Middle School. Last year, Anish was in the FTC robotics team, eBorg Robotics. Anish had much fun during the season and liked designing posters. Also, he was amazed by how much he learned from outreaching to different places last year. Along with robotics, he has dedicated himself to tennis, running, and math. This is Anish’s second year participating in FTC and he is looking forward to a great season full of fun and knowledge. He is responsible for creating the marketing and presentation materials. A huge responsibility for Anish is to create the  WOW factor!

Tej Shah 

Technical Writer

Tej is a junior at the Math & Science Magnet Program at Morris Hills High School. This will be his first year on the eBorg FTC team. He enjoys solving problems creatively, designing elegant contraptions, and working with other people. Alongside robotics, Tej enjoys watching basketball, and being a part of his school’s swimming and tennis teams. This is his first year doing FTC and he hopes to learn essential foundational skills that are necessary for fields in engineering. On the team, Tej works on designing CAD models alongside the building team in order to prototype potential designs and he also documents the team’s journey by managing the engineering notebook.

Emily Liew

Promotion and Outreach Manager

Emily is an eighth grader at Liberty Middle School. Last year, she participated on the FLL robotics team, eBorgs. Alongside robotics, she enjoys music, playing instruments, and reading. Emily loves working with technology and reaching out to the community and other people. This is her first year doing FTC and she hopes to have as much fun as possible while gaining as much knowledge and experience in the role that she plays to apply in her future. On the team, she helps by taking notes during meetings and promoting the team through social media platforms.

Mihir Vemuri

Electronics Designer

Mihir is an 8th grader at Central Middle School in Parsippany, New Jersey. This is his first year participating in FTC, and he is ready to make the best effort to win and learn as much as he can as the season progresses. He enjoys many extracurricular activities such as karate, piano, soccer, and the Imagineering Club. In addition, over the Summer of 2017, Mihir attended and graduated from a space academy in Alabama. He loves to build robots and program them using the EV3 software. Mihir is also building a robotic arm in his free time and he hopes to pursue robotics as a career.

Rahul Mehta

Mechanical Designer

Rahul Mehta is currently in 8th grade at Central Middle School. Having a keen interest in gizmos and gadgets since childhood and having attended robotics summer camps, he built robots using lego bricks and software. He recently had a lot of fun with EV3, building, programming, commanding and controlling its actions. He has a black belt in tae-kwon-do, a member of the Junior Rock Band and a spot on the high level soccer team in the MAPS league. He is now trying to take his ideas from robots made of legos to real robots made of metal and 3D printed parts. He looks forward to using his new skills to provide a positive impact on his team.