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Our Mission

To spread the word of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

In today’s sports and glamour oriented school life, a scientific mind is often the unsung hero. This unsung hero can one day work on a variety of innovative ideas that could help us colonize Mars, help reduce pollution and many more. The seat of this scientific mind nurtures the power of differentiated thinking – a quality that is key for our survival in a hyper competitive world.

We at eBorg Robotics see this unsung hero in each one of us and especially in our country’s young talent. We believe it is time for this hero to take the center stage and hence we are on a mission to create awareness of the science behind everything. So, join us to spread the word of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and support eBorg to power through this year’s FIRST® Technology Challenge (FTC) competition.

eBorg Robotics Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in March 2017. EIN#: 82-0684912

Our Journey

“The process of interest discovery can be messy, serendipitous....”– Angela Duckworth author Grit (p 104).

The formation process of eBorg Robotics is no exception to the above as it all started out with our current team captain, Kevin Mathew. Kevin was part of a 2015 FTC team that reached the World Championship. As a team member, he learnt a lot from others but constantly felt the need to develop his own leadership skills. Around the summer of 2016, he came up with an idea of starting a new robotics team and soon began a search process. In a few weeks, a fledging team came together and they embarked on a messy discovery process of their inner calling. Soon after formation the team took a bold decision to compete at the 2016 FIRST® Lego League (FLL) in spite of having only about three months to prepare for the qualifying round. With the meager knowhow from just one FTC season, Kevin was the most experienced on the team!

What happened in the next 3-4 months was nothing short of a miracle. Our eBorgs rookie team qualified at the NJ Regional round and advanced to NJ State Championship. Even though we did not make it to the World Championship, we came back victorious with Best Mechanical Design and Best Teamwork awards through the season. We had just tasted success and we now crave for more. Kevin’s trial run was a hit and he continues to march towards his objective of “real” participation at the FTC. Our team has now set sights on more challenging goals.

FTC journey is no picnic though. It will test our grit, skills and ability to work as a team. What was earlier a simple group of students is now a non-for-profit incorporation devoted to the mission of creating awareness of STEM based programs. Each of us has a critical role in this corporation. Under the able guidance of our parents, who double up as mentors, and of our coaches we meet regularly and discuss progress of our individual work streams. We are especially proud to mention the invaluable experience we are gaining as we run this entrepreneurial setup and acknowledge that it is sometimes overwhelming.

By now one thing is clear, if you have read till this point then chances are you know someone like us, you feel inspired by our mission or perhaps you simply associate yourself with the cause of STEM advancement. Team eBorg Robotics does not know whether it will reach the FTC World Championship but we do know that we sure will sprinkle glitter on the STEM fields which are often perceived to left for the nerds. You can be part of our journey by being a monetary sponsor, or by volunteering to guide us on an aspect of new technology or by simply following our journey on the social media and many other ways.

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